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Welcome to Skillsource


Australia’s Newest and Most Up To Date Automated Employment Web-Site.

Whether you are a Job Seeker or an Employer we have the best available solution to help you with the recruitment process.

Look for a new job while protecting your privacy and personal details.

Create a “Skill Summary” to tell perspective employers why they should hire you.

Maintain control of who can view your resume or identity.

View job matches that you can personalise to meet your requirements.

Be notified when jobs that match your criteria are posted.

Edit and update your resume to help potenital employers find you.


No expensive advertising costs or added artwork for your advert

No waiting to receive job applications or delays in circulation

Look through lists of potential applicants without spending a cent

Match applicants to your skill requirements instantly

Post advertisements for your vacancy for only $55.00 with no time or length limit

Have potenial employees notified as soon as your vacancy is listed


Skillsource is managed by qualified Human Resource professionals who are committed to helping job seekers and employers come together without all the expense and hassle of the conventional recruitment process.

It is fast becoming the most popular recruitment web site in Victoria because of its minimal fees and clear focus on connecting employers with job seekers.

Skillsource works by providing employers with a list of “skill summaries”. These summaries are a list of the skills and abilities (and anything else that may be of interest to a perspective employer) of individuals looking for a new job (Job Seeker).

Almost like the “positions wanted” section in the newspaper, but without the cost.

Employers are able to easily search and read through these skill summaries until they find someone, or several people who look like they meet the employer’s requirements.

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